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Mundiapolis University

  |   Casablanca, Morocco
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Mundiapolis University of Casablanca is Morocco’s first private university and is a multidisciplinary campus, with courses in four main branches: Political Science, Management, Engineering, Legal & Business Law.


Established in 2009, the university is actually the combination of three existing schools: Polyfinance, the first school in Morocco specializing in Financial Engineering, the Institute of Management of Corporate Law, the first Moroccan institute specializing in business law, and the Moroccan School of Computer, Electronics, and Automation. This means that there are actually 17 years of experience backing this relatively new school.




Mundiapolis University is not only interested in conferring degrees upon students, but also in furthering the social and economic development of the community in Morocco. The first Turkish Language Culture and History Center was established in 2013 under the auspices of Mundiapolis, intended to help develop relations between Turkey and Morocco. Additionally, the Casablanca Stock Exchange worked with Mundiapolis University to establish a trading room in the university for the benefit of financial engineering students, as part of a partnership designed to promote financial literacy. This kind of involvement in the community will be instrumental in Mundiapolis University’s long-range success and the success of its students.


Mundiapolis is the sponsor for the ICFJ program, as Splash Media has been previously.


 Dennis Wilson visited digital media institutions in Morocco through an exchange program managed by the International Center for Journalists and funded by the U.S. State Department’s Professional Fellows Program.



Dennis Wilson is currently serving as the Director of Production Services and Director of Training with Splash Media. As one of the most tenured members of the Splash Media team, Mr. Wilson has worked with over 50 clients ranging from local service providers to globally-known brands. His pragmatic approach and straight shooting teaching style have helped position Splash for aggressive growth and sustainability.