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  |   Morocco, news, social media

Social Media and the Moroccan News

Meeting with Medias24   Just as traditional U.S. news venues, such as newspapers and broadcast, have found they are falling behind and scrambling to catch up, the same is true in Morocco.  The Moroccan government allows its citizens complete access to new social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube,...

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13 September
  |   Asilah, Morocco, Traveling


Today, our Moroccan destination is Asilah, a place that you won’t believe exists outside of a postcard! So beautiful, tranquil and calm, it’s truly an African paradise. It’s hard to know where to begin to describe it, and it’s hard to find enough complimentary things...

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12 September
  |   Morocco, Tangier, Traveling


If you’re going to be in Morocco, you don’t want to miss Tangier! Long loved by artists, writers, musicians and tourists alike, Tangier is a multicultural city with a rich history. Not only that, but it’s a beautiful spot with a subtropical Mediterranean climate and...

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11 September
  |   Casablanca, Morocco

Mundiapolis University

Mundiapolis University of Casablanca is Morocco’s first private university and is a multidisciplinary campus, with courses in four main branches: Political Science, Management, Engineering, Legal & Business Law.   Established in 2009, the university is actually the combination of three existing schools: Polyfinance, the first school in...

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10 September
  |   Morocco, Rabat, Traveling

Roaming through Rabat

Today’s adventure brings us to Rabat, the political and governmental hub of Morocco. Rabat has been Morocco’s Almohad ruler Abd al-Mu’min political and administrative capital since 1956, but of course it’s been important for much longer than that. In fact, in 1146 it was turned...

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07 September
  |   Blogging, Morocco

Good Morning Bloggers in Morocco

Who would have ever thought I would come to Morocco to join 30-40 very passionate bloggers - some of them were very well established in Morocco as professional bloggers. The event was named “Good Morning Bloggers” and was very well put together, including brunch, hot...

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02 September